Baby Bowl (off white)

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These are amazing. Royabel baby bowl are made in quality silicone BPA free and without phthalates. Off-course approved for food. This bowl has a suction underneath, so it sticks the table. It doesn´t break, sticks to the table and it has a lid, perfect if the baby doesn´t eat the whole meal. Use it in the microwave or in the ordinary oven, put it in the freezer. You can put it in the dishwasher too. This bowl has so many great functions, and not only as a baby bowl. It matches perfect together with Royabel silicone bibs, when baby / toddler must learn to eat themselves.

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Royabel silicon suction bowl for baby. The silicone bowl has a suction cup underneath., so th bowl sticks to the table. Perfect for babies and toddlers, who must learn to eat themselves. Our bowl are made in food-approved silicone. 100 procent BPA-free and phthalate free. You can put our silicone suction bowl for babies in the ordinary oven or in the microwave, so you can heat baby´s food directly in the bowl. The bowl comes with a lid, perfect when baby does not eat the whole meal. . Perfect for the environment, you dont have to use any cellophane.

Food-approved Silicone

Your child deserves the best, and Royabel only want the best for our children. Our silicone bowl don´t have any harmful and endocrine disrupting ingredients like BPA, PVC and phalates. Our bowl are made by food-approved silicone, and you can safely use Royabel bowl for your baby or toddler. It can also be safely used to heat food in either oven or microwave, but please take off the lid. You can put the bowl in the freezer too.


Are you doing BLW with your baby? So your baby is allowed to eat by himself, you will love this silicon suction bowl for your baby. It is a great invention for a baby / toddler, who must learn to eat themselves. The suction on the bowl makes it easier to put up the food on the spoon, because the bowl sticks to the table. It is difficult for baby to throw the bowl on the floor. But if it happens, please do not panic. Royabel baby bowl are made of silicone, so it doesn´t break if dropped on the floor.


Royabel baby bowl er so simple and have a modern look, so it can easily be used as an ordinary bowl. The suction underneath will be activated, when you push a little bit on the top of the bowl. The bowls are made in 4 beautiful colors. This off white color are so beautiful and perfect for boys and girls.


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