Royabel makes lovely interior for your children. We always take quality and your children’s eyes into consideration when we design our products.

I am a mother of two a boy called August and a girl called Isabel. They are the most important projects in my life, and the reason why I started Royabel. The word Royabel is of course a contraction of Royal and my children’s names August and Isabel. They are my everything and deserve only the best.

The idea for making the brand Royabel came when I was furnishing my son’s room. “Mom, I wan’t cool bedding!!” was the message. In my quest to find cool bedding I found plenty. But it was of poor quality, full of excess color and nothing was made of 100% organic cotton. These are points that are important to me.

Therefore, I decided to make my own collection of bedding with fine, funny and cool prints. It has been very difficult, but I got excellent help from talented designer Sarah Abbondio. I am really happy and pleased with the final result that we have made for your children.

My name is Mette, and I am the creator of the Royabel Universe. I hope you like what you see, because I have been working really hard to make Royabel. It is my darling, my pride and joy. I hope you are ready to introduce Royabel to your small wonders. I send all orders with love.

Kind regards


Royabel er lukket ~ Tak for mange gode år 🫶